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Kaleidoscope 5 In 1 Photo Magic Lens Set


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Kaleidoscope 5 In 1 Photo Magic Lens Set

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Kaleidoscope5 in 1 lens set is a magic of photoshooting and fun way to take and show pictures…

The lens set is a collection of 5 differentlenses made from high-quality Glass and premiumtriple coated optics made in Japan.The lens set is all made of alloy metal and easily fits over your smartphone or tablet. It is fully compatible with: Apple, Samsung, HTC and Sony smartphones and tablets.

Kaleidoscopes never ceased to amaze you, you always look into them as a child and even now you can take amazing pictures with this set!

You get with this set:

  1. KaleidoscopeLens that will change your picture 360 deg in multi-formatlike a kaleidoscope.
  2. You get a Wide Angle lens that will take 120deg picture.
  3. You also get FishEye lens that takes a picture in bubbleeye format.
  4. We also have Telephoto lens bring your object 2X closer.
  5. The best of all CPL lens which eliminatesreflectionfrom a glass or water or metal object making your picture clear and sharp.

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