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Voila Voice Recorder Pen


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Voila Voice Recorder Pen

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Voila! Here it is…

Your Voice Recorder Pen is here, it’s easy to use, just push button On to record and Off tostop. Good for taking notesand reviewing later, the pen will do the job where phones are not allowed. It has a 16GB capacity which will store 100 hours of voice recording. It has built-in earphone jack and comes with a pair of earphone so you can listen to the recording right from the pen itself. It can also write like all pens do, whichmakes it 2 in 1 function.

Great as Graduation gift… get yours today!


  • Voice recorder pen has 16 GB capacity built-in.
  • Record over 100 hours of voice memos.
  • Works as a Pen too.
  • Comes with a pair of earphones.
  • Charging cable included.
  • Comes in Classic Black.


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